Professional Objective


The design process is an interaction between the architect and the client. The clients primary aspirations for function and aesthetics do not always align with perceived budgets or current building costs. The design process incorporates review and clarification  of current building costs and possible impact on the  client objectives.  Changes to project inclusions, alternate materials and ideas or budget expectations are continually refined throughout the design decision making process.       


The scope of our architectural services are tailored to meet the individual requirements of each client.  Whether it is a freehand sketch only, Concept design or Complete Services from site selection through to construction, we approach each task with the same interest to achieve the best outcome for the client. Architecture is defined as “The Art or Science and practice of designing, ” specifically,  buildings or other physical habitable structures.   Appearances are important and the architectural quality should reflect the aspirations and tastes of the client and portray the reality that, no two people are identical. Our design objective is to achieve a resolved aesthetic and a functional design. Personal objective is to minimise  stress and work with the client during the process.



UPDATE:- January 2022


Working from the Home Office became the norm during 2020 and 2021 as we experienced many lockdowns and isolation to reduce the impact of Covid.  2022 rolled around with reduced restrictions and intent to open up.  


We will  continue to work remotely, from the Home Office, with business as usual either via  Zoom meetings,  in person, on site,  private  residence or office.  Hopefully we will be able to deal with  Covid as we did with the yearly bout of flu.


Please call my mobile if you would like to discuss  our services and your project ideas.


Contact your  Architect or  Certifier for compliance of your  projects.